Lifestyle Retreats

Come Unto Me And I Will Give You Rest

At Sabbatical Lake Health Retreat and Lifestyle Center we offer programs designed to cleanse, detoxify and help restore the body’s own natural healing abilities. Our cleanse retreat programs will give your body, mind and spirit a fresh new start, and give you the information you need to stay well. A detox is far from a quick fix. The purpose of any detox plan is to take the load off the organs that detoxify the body while at the same time supporting and improving their performance.

What We Offer

4-Day Jumpstart Retreats $700

7-Day New Life Retreat

. Lifestyle Counseling
. Digestive and Colon cleansing
. Liver and gall bladder cleansing
. Immune Boosting
. Massage
. Steambaths
. Castor oil therapy
. Cardio Workouts
. Real-time Presentations
. Healthy Cuisines and recipes
. Clean Eating 101 cooking class
. Lodging in beautiful country setting
. Prayer

How does the body detox?

Your body has its own amazing internal ability to cleanse and detoxify. The primary organs involved in these critical processes are the liver, colon, lungs, skin and kidneys. They work to filter wastes, protect the body from harmful invaders and eliminate toxins. Over time, dealing with poor dietary habits, environmental pollutants, stress, medications and lack of exercise can overwhelm the body’s ability to detox and eliminate impurities impacting the digestive system, joint health, immune function, hormone balance, skin health and more.

Four Key Processes to Health

Assimilation, Elimination, Circulation and Relaxation are integral to overall health. Assimilation refers to the body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients. These nutrients are used by every cell in the body to nourish and repair themselves. The body’s Elimination system uses a number of different channels to rid the body of wastes. The liver, lungs, lymphatic system, blood/circulatory system, colon, kidney and skin are vital filtering and cleansing systems. The body’s Circulatory system is the key to sustaining life for the entire body. It works to carry the rebuilding forces to the body, as well as aiding in elimination. Relaxation is fundamental to the health of the body’s nervous system. As well, all systems of the body need to rest for proper functions.