Sabbatical Lake is a Bible based Lifestyle Center and Health Retreat. Experience has proven that perfect health is regained and sustained by cooperating with the body’s designed ability to heal and repair itself. Our goal is simply to provide the proper environment to make this possible.

Nestled in the small historic town of Monticello, GA lies our picturesque 28 acres, where the fresh air and serenity is therapy in itself. The beautiful countryside and vivid lake are but the beginning of what you will experience.

Chaundra Sykes
Chaundra Sykes BMSc
Health Coach
Shareema Krauser
Ermoni Osborne
Ermoni Osborne
Norman Byers ND
Denise Byers

Stacey Hudson

Ginger Luby CMPE & CHC
Liz Sykes
Exercise Therapy
Whole Foods Coach

The staff

Sabbatical Lake is comprised of a team of professionals who have joined together to share their passion for natural health education. Each team member is dedicated to helping people reach their individual goals towards positive lifestyle changes through exercise, nutrition, health coaching, spiritual guidance, or natural health education in general. We seek to follow the methods of our Maker which we believe is the only way to true success. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you and becoming your forever friend.

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