Ripen Your Life

Harold Sykes

Harold Sykes is the Co-director of Sabbatical Lake Ministries and Director of Ascribe Publications; a teaching, preaching and literature ministry developed to teach all things ascribed unto the Greatness of God.

Refreshing Waters

There is a thirst caused by dehydration that nothing but pure refreshing water can properly quench. Ask the parched ground, the withering plant, or the panting dog what they need to revive and invigorate them, they will answer with unanimous tongue the refreshing waters which fall freely from the sky. The requirements of the human

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Exercise Your Faith Sabbatical Lake

Exercise Faith

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7) We are in this life bound by the law of faith. The principle of believing in that which you can’t readily see is interwoven throughout much of the human experience. Even as I began to write this article, my eyes were looking at an

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Nutrition For Thought

Surely most of us have heard the expression “food for thought.” But as we grow in our understanding of healthful living, we come to understand that though all physical nutrition can be classified as food, not all of what is called food can be classified as nutrition. One must be selective in their choices of

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