Lifestyle Coaching

     Lifestyle Coaching or Wellness Coaching helps people in a powerful and personal way to reach their goals for a better life. Coaching is a partnership between a coach and an individual who desires to make changes in his/her lifestyle; prayerfully walking together over a set period of time. This interaction moves individuals from information to action. Wellness coaching is an innovative, biblical way to build a supportive relationship so that participants experience sustainable lifestyle change. It is not therapy or counseling. A wellness coaching approach helps individuals make healthy lifestyle changes that are holistic because the body mind and spirit are intrinsically intertwined.

Personal trainers exercise the body, Wellness Coaches exercise the mind. The Wellness Coach provides individuals with structure, accountability, expertise and spiritual inspiration that enables them to learn, grow and heal beyond what he/she can do alone. As your Wellness Coach my part is to encourage you to identify your wellness vision, motivators, obstacles, as well as encourage strategies to overcome obstacles. Your part is to agree that a higher level of wellness brings powerful benefits to your overall health and to take steps to make changes in one or two areas of wellness over the course of either one or three months.

Coaching Plans

Choose a program that suits you.

Coaching Options

Protocol for how Coaching works, Lifestyle Assessment Form, Vision Plan Worksheet, Health Essentials Reference book, Personal Log Book

45 to 60 minute phone or Skype consultation, review of agenda, review of Health Assessment Form, create a Wellness vision, design first weeks goals, design 1 month or 3 month goals.

Review of goals, recommendations on Lifestyle Assessment, strategies

Life is busier than ever; so you say… “where am I going to find time to exercise? Eat right? And all those things necessary for my health with my busy schedule?” If you don’t take the time now, you may pay for it later. Let’s see if we can help. Your task will be to give us a complete itinerary of you life schedule. Our task will be to creatively produce a working healthier lifestyle schedule that works for you.

Your unlimited email support comes with a guaranteed 48 hour turnaround, so you wont be left hanging and wondering what to do.

Recipes are compiled based on your present state of being, and the goals we intend to reach together. Details of the various foods components of each recipe are outlined to educate you of their specific qualities and properties, and their ability to advance you from where you are to where you want to be.

This is where theory becomes practical! It is one thing to know which recipes are beneficial to you, it is another thing to be able to implement them into your daily routine. Your personal meal plan is tailored to fit your specific life dynamics and responsibilities, along with action steps to insure your success.

1 Month Coaching

$ 350
  • Coaching Packet
  • Comprehensive Consultation
  • Two 1/2 hr one on one follow-ups
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Recipes & Food Therapies

3 Month Coaching

$ 650
  • 1-hour Coaching Packet
  • 1-hour Comprehensive Consultation
  • Six 1/2 hr one on one follow-ups
  • Order My Steps
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Recipes & Food Therapies
  • Personal Meal Plan
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